Hotels, Motels Green Bathroom Remodeling Nationwide

Hotels/motels that remodel their bathrooms by going green are following the hotel industry’s move towards environmental sustainability. Hotels/Motels therefore, have understood that going green means replacing fixtures with water or energy saving appliances. What many hotels and motels owners are beginning to learn is that going green in their bathroom remodeling project, includes refinishing, recycling and the use of recycled materials.Hotels/Motels green remodeling has other benefits or advantages apart from saving money. Investors that are looking to buy a chain of hotels or motels or even those looking to buy a single hotel or motel are definitely looking to buy ones that have efficient fixtures and appliances installed in their bathrooms.Hotels and Motels use of resourcesHotels and motels are in general bigger than average buildings and the use a lot of resources. It takes a lot of resources to build hotels and an equally bigger and constant resources to maintain – heating and cooling, use of lots of water. No hotels can function without water. Hotels need water for laundry, for showering in the bathrooms, flushing the toilets, washing your hands, and then dishwashing. That is why any hotel that considers bathroom remodeling, thinks about green bathroom remodeling and it’s advantage of saving water.

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Additionally, the hotel industry use a lot of energy. The annual energy bill for the hospitality industry is $3.7 billion a year on energy. Energy savings alone is driving a lot of hotels to green bathroom remodeling. They see the benefits and embrace the advantages of water and energy savings they get from when their bathrooms are remodeled for green living.Hotels see green in green bathroom remodeling. Whether the owners of hotels or motels believe that the civilities of their hotels have an impact on the environment or not, they see “green” the money savings in water and energy resources.Green bathroom remodeling save hotels and motels money:Replace showerheads to save water bills:
During a tight economy, those hotels that are remodeling in order to sell their hotels or add value to their property are discovering that a very inexpensive way to save water in their hotels bathrooms is to replace their shower heads with water saving ones. The performance of a good water head should be the same as a normal shower head. Cheap one dribble water which defeats the whole purpose of water savings.Replace older toilets with water saving toilets:
There have been a lot of advancement in the choice of toilets that save water. You can choose a pressurized toilet which fits well over where your old toilet sits. Pressurized toilets cost more than their standard counterpart and some people claim that they give some problems. On the other hand, dual flush toilets which are popular in Europe are showing up in more and more hotels bathrooms that are using green remodeling to water in their total bathroom remodeling project. It estimated that in one year, a dual flush toilet will save a family where four people are using the bathroom about 15000 gallons of water.Hotels bathtub refinishing/tub re-glazing and sink refinishing saves money and the environment:There are plenty of hotels, retirement homes, nursing homes or bed and breakfast inns that have antique claw foot bathtubs in their bathrooms. Refinishing these antique claw foot bathtubs preserve their beauty, saves hotels plenty of money and benefit’s the environment. Sink refinishing saves the landfills and puts some “green” in the pockets of hotel owners. Bathtub refinishing saves bathtubs from going into the landfills while saving hotels over 80% over the cost of replacement. And when hotels add our volume discount, the savings are even bigger. Green bathtub refinishing is green in your bank account.

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Hotels green bathroom remodeling uses recycled materialsJust like you find recycled materials that can be used when you remodel other rooms in other parts of the hotel, there are also building materials that are made of recycled materials tile; vanities and flooring. Hotels that use recycled fixtures save money and conserve natural resources.Not every bathtub refinishing company or even every green bathroom remodeling company or business understands the import of our activities on our environment.Not many know the fixtures, processes, and proper installation procedures that will save you money, time and the environment.

6 Warnings When Booking Hotel-Motel Reservations On Line

Did you ever check into a hotel/motel and become stressed? Did the check in procedure become a nightmare? Did you book your reservation on line? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, read on.When you check into a hotel/motel you want your check in time to be fast and stress free. The last thing you want to hear is a problem about your room reservation. This is almost a fantasy in today’s frenzy of a world. The computer which makes our lives easier in most instances – in hotel/motel reservations can make your life a living hell.PROBLEMS WITH BOOKING YOUR ROOM ONLINE:(1) RESERVATION IS GUARANTEED:What you were not guaranteed is the TYPE of room required.EXAMPLE: You wanted a non-smoking room with double beds. When you checked in you received a king size bed in a smoking room.

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(2) ROOM PAID IN ADVANCE BY CREDIT CARD.When you actually check in you may want to change the way the hotel had been paid.The Hotel clerk can not change this.This is your responsibility.The payment plan has to be changed at the website source.(4) NAME MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN THE PERSON ROOM RESERVED FOR:When you check in the reservation can not be changed by the hotel/motel reservation clerkThe name of the person must match the name on reservation.This is your responsibility.The name has to be changed at the website source.(5) MUST BE (21) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.There are some exceptions in areas and (18) is acceptable.(6) CANCELLATIONS:If you cancel you may have to pay a cancellation fee.Another problem with traveling for enjoyment or business is the check in time. The hotel/motel has their check in time schedule. This schedule is carried out to the fullest. The hotel/motel will not let you into your room until check-in time.The reason for this is the room is still checked out to other people. Some people wait until the last minute of check out time to actually check out and the room needs to be cleaned.THE MOST POPULAR ON LINE WEBSITES FOR TRAVEL:(1) Expedia(2) Travelocity

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(4) HotwireAlways read the small print when booking your hotel/motel rooms on line to save any unpleasant time consuming incidents at the check in desk.SUGGESTION:BOOK YOUR ROOM DIRECTLY FROM THE HOTEL/MOTEL:(1) You may even save money on your room rate.(2) Your room will be paid for on the correct charge card for expense and tax purposes.(3) Your room will be reserved in the correct name.(4) Your will receive the kind of room you desire.You and the hotel/motel reservation clerk will be happy and your hotel/motel stay will be superb.Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on many different subjects.Copyright Linda E. Meckler 2007

Bring Your Pet Along – Have Some Fun & Enjoy Your Stay at an Atlantic City Pet Friendly Hotel-Motel

There are a number of luxury casino hotels and wonderful bed & breakfasts to stay in. However, if you have a pet, you may choose to stay in one of the many Atlantic City pet-friendly motels. Before you go to Atlantic City, you need to surf through the different pet-friendly hotels and motels to determine which ones will offer “pet-sitting” services so you can enjoy the days and nights either sightseeing or gambling.Events Visitors Can Enjoy In Atlantic CityYou don’t have to enjoy yourself at the casinos right away; you can do some world-class fishing or golfing to start off with. At night, try your hand at the casinos… you can either do the slot machines or have fun at one of the many tables. Whatever you want to do, you can conquer any and all.

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You can also have fun at night doing other things, as there is a wide array of entertainment going-ons; something that will get your attention such as comedy bars, dance clubs, beach bars and lounges. No matter what you choose to do, you can rest assured that your pet is going to be fine.Keep in mind that your daytime can be a fun time for your kids and pets. Consider going to the amusement parks, arcades or even take part in the boardwalk activities. There’s much to enjoy and take part in… something everyone in your family including your pet can enjoy.A Look At Pet Friendly Atlantic City Hotels and MotelsQuality Hotels West – When you’re looking for a pet-friendly hotel, consider the 86-room, two-floor Quality Hotels West. It’s located eight miles from Atlantic City International Airport and is about two miles from the boardwalk. Its amenities include air conditioning units, hair dryers, Internet access, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. The hotel charges a $15 a day pet fee. If you’re bringing a dog, it should not exceed 25 pounds.

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Sheraton Atlantic City Hotel – Another pet-friendly hotel to consider is the Sheraton Atlantic City Hotel. It’s got 502 rooms on 16 floors and offers such amenities as data ports, Internet access, family rooms, non-smoking rooms, etc. One of the biggest reasons people opt for this hotel over any other is that there is no fees for pets. However, your family dog shouldn’t weigh more than 80 pounds.Other pet friendly hotels/motels include:- Econo-Lodge Boardwalk with a $10 per day pet fee
– Knights Inn with a $30 per day pet fee
– Residence Inn Somers Point with a $75 per stay pet fee

Hotel Motels For Sale – Hotel Motels For Sale And Where To Find The Deals

Real estate and tourist market all over the world is booming and in the coming years a lot of investments is expected in the sector. Investment in hotel and motels is therefore a good opportunity and you may find a lot of hotel motels for sale in the appropriate and suitable locations.Before investing in the sector, a detailed study should be carried out to find the tourist interest in the particular area, business opportunities in and around the area, shopping options in and around the location and tourist places in and around the city. A detailed examination of hotel motels for sale in the area should also be carried out.There are many real estate agents and even online websites from where you will get the details of information on hotel motels for sale. Depending on your budget and or estate prices of that locations or area, you may get a few options available for you. The few selected hotel motels for sale in that specific locations should be carefully examined and before initiating negotiation with the owners, you should ask the real estate consultants to evaluate the property and should get a second opinion about the cost of the properties.

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It is better to see the documents confirming the title of these hotel motels for sale offered to you by the real estate agents or property dealers. You should enquire the complete profile of hotel motels for sale such as the number of customers during previous one or two years, the sales and profit account of the hotel motels for sale and the expenses carried out during the current financial or previous financial years. Once you get the sufficient information and you are convinced, initiate discussions with the owner for a possible negotiation in the price of the properties.The negotiations should have been carried out in presence of your financial consultant so that the possible reduction in price of the hotel motels for sale can be sufficiently explained to the owners. You should also get confirm about the accessories you will get in addition to the building. All the information should be provided to you in writing. It is better to have discussions with a few owners at a time. Sometimes several negotiations are required before reaching an agreement.

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Once you have reached at an acceptable price to you, you should get the property transfer to you. All the required documents should be transferred in your property including the title of the property. You should also ensure that all the accessories as agreed to transfer to you with the building have already been transferred to you. You should also ensure a complete list of the previous customers and the other customer records are handed over to you.

Hotels-Motels For Sale in Minnesota – Hotels-Motels For Sale in Minnesota Review

These days, real estate investing is everywhere. Everyone’s trying to get involved, and lately the hot trend has been home flipping. Most people understand that real estate can equal big dollars, but the home buyers market is very crowded right now. If you’re looking for hotels/motels for sale in Minnesota, you’re looking to make a great investment with big payoffs.Minnesota, land of ten thousand lakes, is known for its gorgeous scenery and sparkling blue lake waters. Frigid winter weather makes Minnesota great for winter activity, while cool summers provide ample opportunity to enjoy the state’s famous watering holes. The friendly atmosphere and interesting sites make Minnesota a popular place for travelers and tourists of all types. If you’re looking at buying one of the hotels/motels for sale in Minnesota, you can get started making the big bucks sooner than you might think.

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The hotel business is always booming, and many have learned that they can make a fortune in this industry alone. Even if you buy the most beautiful hotels/motels for sale in Minnesota, you probably won’t turn into a Hilton overnight. After all, everyone (even the Hiltons) had to start out somewhere. Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Focus your attention on what’s important – finding the right Minnesota investment for your future.So, how can investors find the right hotels/motels for sale in Minnesota? The Internet is a great way to get started. Using search engines, you can find not only properties that are for sale in Minnesota, but you can obtain a comprehensive list of the hotels and motels currently in operation there. The Internet is a great way to get a base price on several properties, but the details provided on web sites won’t be sufficient alone. Before you buy any hotel/motel property, which is a huge investment, you’re going to want to see the property with your own two eyes. After all, you can’t always tell with a web site.Once you have a good idea of what hotels and motels cost in Minnesota, you’ll be ready to take your research to the next level. After searching the internet, you’re bound to find some properties that you think you might have an interest in. This is when it might be a good idea to bring in a real estate agent, for consultations and advice. Real estate professionals may also have property listings that regular people can’t obtain. Use real estate agents, even though it will cost a little bit more. The professionals always know how to do it better. When you know the right steps to take, buying hotels/motels for sale in Minnesota isn’t so hard. The sooner you get started, the sooner you might make your first million.

The Benefits of Vacation Homes for Disney and Other Theme Parks

Whether you’re setting out to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you might ponder about where you ought to remain. The selection of lodging for these well known amusement parks can incorporate inns, timeshares, excursions, and the sky is the limit from there. On the off chance that you need to spare cash and see everything the parks offers in either area, country estates are a useful temperate decision. Here are a portion of the best reasons why, and how you can encounter the Disney enchantment in a radical new manner for your family on a getaway home trade.

Spare altogether on your remain.

At first glance, a lodging cost when you book it might look shoddy, notwithstanding, you soon need to include charges, stopping charges, and extra costs. Sustenance courts are accessible at all of the Disney inns, in any case, these expenses might be somewhat higher than an outing to the neighborhood cafe or store for breakfast nourishments. You can remain in a Disney country estate at a level cost for a week or much more.

Encounter solaces of home.

On the off chance that you need to unwind on your get-away, a Disney country estate gives you a chance to do as such with the majority of the solaces of home. On the off chance that you lease a home with a pool, you won’t need to impart it to many other individuals, and you can appreciate the hot tubs and different luxuries a similar way. Remember that summer homes likewise accompany prepared kitchens, materials, WiFi and different solaces of home that will make your get-away lovely. You’ll have the capacity to store your nourishment and different things more effectively than in an inn, in addition to wash your garments for nothing.

Remain easily even with an expansive gathering.

For gatherings of four individuals or more, a Disney summer home is impeccable, in light of the fact that most can rest 6 to eight individuals, and have various beds. You’ll likewise observe that you won’t feel as packed as you would be on the off chance that you remained in a Disney inn, the same number of don’t offer family suites. You’ll additionally not have long sits tight for the restroom.

Be near the enchantment in minutes

Disney touts its lodgings as being minutes from the parks, yet many getaway homes are additionally minutes from the Disney property. On the off chance that you remain on a Disney property, you get free transport benefit, in any case, you need to sit tight for the transport to arrive, and after that it might stop at other Disney lodgings en route for pickup and dropoff. This implies you’re regularly holding up to go to the parks and may arrive a hour after you expected. With a summer home close Disney property, you can simply drive straight to the resort without sitting tight for others to board a transport. Getaway homes are additionally a decent alternative on the off chance that you need to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Legoland, or Universal Studios, since Disney doesn’t offer direct transportation to these attractions.